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Use Witch Hazel for Natural Hemorrhoid Relief

If you prefer natural then is an excellent choice.

  • Witch hazel is very cheap and works wonderfully to soothe skin irritations like acne.
  • One of it’s many benefits is natural hemorrhoid relief as well since it works anywhere on the body gently to kill bacteria and condition skin.
  • Witch Hazel heals while reducing redness and inflammation to relieve itching for natural hemorrhoid relief.
  • At the first notice of hemroids, apply Witch Hazel onto a cotton ball, cotton swab, or some toilet paper and blot directly onto the area.
  • Witch Hazel is a very gentle natural hemorrhoid relief without the stinging of alcohol on open sores and it works fast.

The reason you may be getting hemorrhoids is most commonly from lifestyle choices. Millions of Americans think they eat healthy everyday and get enough exercise but fast food and a light walk aren’t enough for good health or hemorrhoid help. Poor stool quality produces hemorrhoids usually as diarrhea or constipation. The direct cause of hemorrhoids is swelling in arterial blood vessels in the lower rectal area. Swollen veins make hemorrhoids and those hemorrhoids can go from annoying to very painful in one week. The reason those blood vessels are swollen is likely from inactivity.

Even fit runners can have hemorrhoids if they are sitting too much the rest of the day after workouts. Desk jobs require you to sit for hours most of the week and that means a lot of pressure on rectal arterial blood vessels. The blood circulation is being cut off and hemroids come up. Witch Hazel can help to treat the hemorrhoid sores quickly. Keep a bottle in your purse or desk if you need to. You can try the store products but natural hemorrhoid relief from Witch Hazel may be enough to make the hemroids go away.

Natural hemorrhoid relief usually works just as well as store products without side effects or more dryness from chemical products. You still need to take better care of yourself. If you are pregnant then call your doctor to make sure but Witch Hazel is still safe and natural hemorrhoid relief may be wise for pregnant woman to stay away from harsh medicines and chemicals to keep the baby safe.

Another part of natural hemorrhoid relief is diet and exercise every single day. Pregnancy causes a lot of pressure on the lower rectal areas but with doctor approval a high fiber diet and daily exercise regime for everyone as a better lifestyle decision will help blood circulate each day now and later because age makes them worse and more likely to show up. Keep the Witch Hazel nearby as a cheap, natural hemorrhoid relief to immediately treat hemroids as soon as you notice them.

Weight from a baby during pregnancy or your own body weight pushing on your rectal arteries is causing them to swell and form blood filled sores that hurt and burst. Treat them immediately with Witch Hazel. Natural hemorrhoid relief is less likely to irritate the skin from harsh chemicals that sting and cause the skin to dry which presents itch and more irritation from scratching that could lead to bacteria spreading making the hemorrhoids worse. Witch Hazel is available almost everywhere from grocery stores, Target, pharmacies and health food stores that also sell Witch Hazel products and natural hemorrhoid relief products containing Witch Hazel.

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